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Embark on Your Journey Now and Discover the Hero Within

STEAMachine seeks to make learning fun and entertaining by blending STEM curriculum, physical fitness and pop culture into one engaging summer camp.  We bring popular fictional characters to life in our adventures from stories such as Percy Jackson, Star Wars and Avengers using them as a foundation to promote STEM learning and physical fitness through active play, and to build the framework for discovering the hero within us all.


Our Mission

STEAMachine seeks to launch a love of learning for upper elementary and middle school students in Orange County, California, by integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with popular culture. Our active and integrated learning approach inspires our campers from all socioeconomic backgrounds to let their imagination and curiosity run wild.

Our Programs

Never before has STEM learning for 4th - 8th grade students been so engaging and entertaining - UNTIL NOW.  Join us this summer for Camp Half Blood, Star Wars Jedi Training Academy, and Avengers Academy.  Your adventure awaits you.

camp half-blood

Dissect a cyclops eye! Master sword and archery techniques! Learn how to dress (battle) wounds! Harness the explosive power of chemistry! Campers will develop both mental and physcial endurance through our rigorous academic and athletic demigod training program, all while discovering the power of the hero within. Start your quest today!

jedi training Academy

Master the wielding of a lightsaber! Dissect a reek eye! Discover the physics of spaceships! Learn survival skills for planets from Endor to Tatooine! Through our training program, Padawans will develop strength of the mind and body, all while discovering the power of the hero within. Start your mission today! 


Get Involved

The Steam Machine Inc. was created in 2018 to give equal opportunities for all children in our community to learn next generation STEM curriculum and promote physical fitness, all through engaging and fun active play.  Our company practices the "One-for-One" business model - for every paid student enrollment, STEAMachine will scholarship one student in need.  Every child deserves access to entertaining STEM based learning!  You can help by supporting us in the following ways:

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Summer 2019 Programs just announced!  Camp Half Blood and Star Wars Jedi Training beginning in June.

Volunteer opportunities

We are seeking Camp Counselors, Junior Counselors and Actors.  Volunteer your time and talents now.

Make a Donation

Fund a student in need by giving them the opportunity to attend a summer camp they will never forget.