Our Mission

Steam Machine Inc, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is a STEM and physical fitness program integrated with pop culture for upper elementary and middle school students in Orange County. STEAMachine seeks to launch a love of learning through engaging applications of school curriculum.

STEAMachine seeks to make learning fun and entertaining by blending STEM curriculum, physical fitness and pop culture into one engaging summer camp.  We bring popular fictional characters to life in our adventures from stories such as Percy Jackson, Star Wars and Avengers using them as a foundation to promote STEM learning and physical fitness through active play, and to build the framework for discovering the hero within us all.


Camp Half Blood was so much fun because we got to do so many different experiments every day and have fun learning them. My favorite experiment was learning about diffusion with candy Skittles on a plate because it was really cool and looked so pretty! My favorite adventure was the Scavenger "Quest" Hunt on the last day. I can't wait until next summer when I can do it all again!

— Zoe, Age 12 Camper

It was the best time he had ever had… [he] came home every day talking non stop about how AWESOME this camp was, and how he couldn’t wait for the next day to arrive.
— Elizabeth, mother of Abraham, Age 10 Camper